We are…

We are made up of many kinds of adoptive parents. We may have adopted domestically, here within Calgary.  We may have adopted internationally.  We may be part of an open adoption.  We may have adopted from within our extended family.  We may have just submitted the first of many rounds of paperwork, applying to adopt. We may be waiting to see what happens next. We could be waiting for the Adoptive Parent training session. We might be waiting for a Home Study. We could be waiting for a match. We are Moms. We are Dads. We could sit on the Parent Council at school. We could be doing gymnastics with our toddlers. Sometimes, we are watching our child scream and madly trying to figure out the reason.  We might be going to the family dances.  We are celebrating when our children call us Mom or Dad.   We might be awake at night waiting to see if our kids get home by curfew. Sometimes we are awake at night trying to figure out how to be better, to figure out what our kids are trying to tell us. We might be wondering how much to tell them, what to share.  We might be working full-time outside of the home. We may be working full-time inside of the home. Sometimes, we wonder if our kids love us. We wonder if we love them they way we should…  We are all the many faces of adoption.  Our lives have been touched and changed forever.  Adoption brings many gifts, and many challenges.

We are adoptive parents.  These are our stories.  This is our way to connect with others.  There have been so many times that we have looked for some support.  Now, here we are…

Please keep in mind that we are new on this blogging adventure.  We are not “experts”, but we are parents.  There are strategies that may have worked well for us individually, but each family is their own original unit so each experience will be their own.

2 thoughts on “We are…

  1. Adoption created much of my family and I’m part of an adoption triad. Thank you for bringing the stories from our hearts into our homes.
    Best wishes for the success of this blog.

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